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13 Sensual Confessions

'13 Sensual Confessions’ is a creative, winning concept primed and ready for your funding: Entertaining, erotic tales illustrated by a contemporary artist working closely with an intuitive author to capture the true essence of what has passed, or what is destined to come to pass!


Captured are true-life romantic episodes and experiences of so-called ‘Muses’, women that have opened their hearts, no, their very souls, and shared their sensual secrets with the author, Norbert Voss. These authentic records have been documented in his colorful, captivating, and rich writing style and are impatiently awaiting closer scrutiny by a wide audience.

Word from the Author

"I consider this project to be to be, quite literally, my life saver. The project has only reached his stage with a ton of unselfish help from my friends and ex-colleagues from business.


My friends and I sincerely believe this project will enjoy great success! Now, with their funds exhausted, I need help from the wider public to break through with this project."


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